For some parents, leaving your children in the care of someone else can be absolute agony, even if it's going to school. They wonder all day if the people in charge of their kids will take that role as seriously as they do. There is one principal who would do anything for her students, even give her life to save them.

In what investigators are calling a horrific freak accident, Susan Jordan was killed last week while helping her students board the buses at the end of the day. For reasons still unknown, one of the buses lurched forward and jumped the curb.

Principal Jordan saw the bus coming and quickly moved four children out of the way. Her efforts saved the lives of those for students, but it was at the cost of her own. In a situation like this you don't have time to think about what you're going to do, you just react. And Susan Jordan's reaction shows the type of person she is.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the Jordan family and the entire community of Lawrence County, Indiana. What an incredible woman, and a tragic loss. She was obviously loved by her students as you can see in this video produced for her last year.

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