Whether you agree with it or not, in the state of Michigan the speed limit on unmarked back roads is 55 miles per hour.  Not 45, not 35, and whether it's a paved or dirt road, it's 55. I've lived on a dirt road in Genesee County for most of my life, and have come to accept it.

With three kids of my own, all under the age of 10, we have a strict policy with our kids about not going near or in the road. Last year, I painted a yellow line on our driveway about 20 feet from the road, and told them that's as far as they could go.

Last week while they were out front waiting for the bus, they got a little to close to the road for my comfort level. I told them to get back, and there was some confusion as to where they could wait, since they were passed the yellow line. So guess what I put in my driveway over the weekend. You guessed it, another line!

I had to make my point, and I wanted to make the punishment for crossing the line without the signal from the bus driver severe, painful even. Something that would scar them for the rest of their lives. That's right, I threatened to take away their XBOX! And I also told them that it didn't matter who, if any one of them crossed the line they all would lose out. Hopefully, this will keep them in check, and encourage them to prevent their siblings from crossing the line.

With news earlier this week of a child getting hit by a car while he was boarding the bus, I don't want to take chances with my kids lives. I was actually impressed with how well our BUS STOP line came out. My wife thinks I went too far and the line is overkill, but some friends of mine said it was a perfect solution. What do you think?