If you are a parent of a child currently in the Public School system you need to see this video.

This story has somewhat divided the community of Goodrich. A story that actually happened last November at Oaktree Elementary. It's going public now. A principal has resigned and the teacher is fighting for her job.

A 10-yearold student (who will remain nameless) with Asperger Syndrome, a form of Autism, got stuck in a chair at Oaktree Elementary. The teacher took video of the boy. The fifth grade teacher is Nicole McVey. The boy got stuck in the chair while playing during inside recess.

At this time were not sure why the teacher took the video..or why the principal chose to comment in the background of the video. The teachers attorney encouraged her to release the video.

After administrators saw the video, the Goodrich School Board voted to accept the resignation of Ellis (the principal) and bring tenure charges against McVey, in an attempt to fire her. The student still attends Oaktree Elementary. The parents' attorney says they are still considering a lawsuit.

McVey has lots of supporters..McVey is awaiting a tenure hearing in hopes of keeping her job. What do you think... should she be fired? The videos explain a little more of the details.