"Houston, we have a problem." Actually, that should be "Louisville, we have a problem," as a ship carrying rocket parts down the Tennessee River on it's way to Cape Canaveral, Florida hit a bridge. The bow of the Delta Mariner was covered in asphalt and twisted steel after striking an aging traffic bridge in Western Kentucky.
The 312-foot Delta Mariner was hauling rocket parts for Delta and Atlas rocket systems used by NASA and the Air Force to send satellites into space. The cargo was not damaged, but the bridge is out of commission and will be an inconvenience to the 2800 vehicles a day that normally use it. U.S. Coast Guard officials are investigating possible causes of the accident. The Delta Mariner is five stories high and left a 300-foot gap in the aging bridge. No one was injured in the crash.'

I think it's safe to say that the person piloting the ship probably won't be on the short list to pilot any of NASA's rockets.