Their intentions are probably good, but these "she spots" still look like handicapped only parking spots to me.

Ladies...would you park in a space that was for women only?

I'm not going to lie to you. I struggle with parallel parking to this very day and will drive and then walk a good distance to avoid the hassle. Other than that, I'm fairly competent when it comes to parking. Maybe that's why a big part of me is insulted by this whole idea.

The South Korean government is adding thousands of parking spots to be used by women only, in an effort to make their cities more female friendly. The "she spots" are wider and longer and are outlined by bright pink lines. A hot pink female stick figure wearing a skirt is also featured within the special parking spots.

There is no official word on whether a man parking in a "she spot" would be breaking any South Korean laws, or if female drivers will only be allowed to park in those designated spots and no where else.

More details in the video below.

Are these sexist, special needs parking spots or do you think the intentions are good, like our current handicapped only parking spots?

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