Seven year-old Angelina's performance of Billie Holiday's classic "Gloomy Sunday" is incredible to hear, but many say the adult themes of this song aren't appropriate for her age.

See what you think.

To make a fair comparison, watch Billie Holiday's "Gloomy Sunday" below. The lyrics are about suicide, and the popular urban myth that many people took their own lives while listening to the song is often attributed to Holiday's version, released in 1941.

Now, let me introduce you to seven year-old Angelina Jordan, a recent contestant on "Norway's Got Talent." Angelina does speak English, and when she was asked if she understood the themes behind the lyrics of "Gloomy Sunday" she told the judges "I felt something special about it. It's hard to explain in words."

Watch as this ethereal, bare-footed girl almost seems to channel the late jazz singer, Billie Holiday in her rendition of "Gloomy Sunday."

There's no question that the lyrics to her song of choice have some very adult themes. They are dark, depressing and do allude to suicide.

Watch Angelina, then tell us. Is this song appropriate for a seven year-old?

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