Colorado police used pepper spray on an 8-year-old boy whose threats to kill teachers and students, had staff members barricading themselves in an adjacent office.  The boy's mother is outraged - at the police.

The story from ABC News is in the first video, after the jump.  In the second video, Aidan Elliot told Good Morning America that he regrets his actions, but when asked if he meant to injure anyone, he responded, "Kind of."

Watching these videos, I have no question that Aidan is a challenging child, and understand that some children are inherently more difficult than others.  (You can tell there's a "But" coming.)  BUT, I can't help but opine that the mother bears a tremendous amount of responsibility here.  Discipline.  Guidance.  Consequences.  Those are three things that this 8-year-old's mother needs to learn and enforce.  If she were doing her job, Aidan wouldn't be playing video games after acting that way at school, as he's seen doing in the first video.