It's a case of public bullying. The parents of an autistic fifth-grader say that giving their son the "Most Annoying" award goes beyond good taste.

Akalis Castejon is an 11-year old who is non-verbal. He occasionally rocks back and forth and shakes, traits his family feels should be understood by staff members at Bailly Preparatory Academy in Gary, Indiana. At the end of the school year, Akalis was given the award for being 'Most Annoying Male.'

The staff there does such a fine job, they even spelled the name of the school wrong on the award. (The correct spelling is Bailly.)

Rick and Estella Castejon say they are glad their son does not understand the implication of the award.

"You'd think one would know and understand the conditions of autism and have more patience to deal with children who suffer from autism," Estella Castejon tells WGN.

The Gary school district has issued a written apology to the Castegons.

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