If you are tired of killing defenseless little trees to find your local pizza shop, you can now opt-out from recieving The Yellow Pages. Gizmodo.com reports:

The Yellow Pages Association has decided it's time stop pissing off most people with their stupid publication. They have opened a new site called National Yellow Pages Consumer Choice & Opt-Out Site, which contains some useless sections as "Download Our Sustainability Report" (should be called We are a total waste), "How to Recycle your Yellow Pages Directory" (just don't make us recycle this crap), and "The Yellow Pages Directory Facts" (fact: nobody cares).

There is now this awesome tool that the majority of the population has access to; the internet. Places like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YP.com and many other public listing sites help you find what you need locally. So why are we still wasting paper on these bulky books (unless you need them to see over the steering wheel.) Would you opt out of receiving your copy?

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