The short answer is, maybe. Saturn will be close enough to the earth tonight (7/9) that you may be able to see it with the naked eye. You'll need a telescope if you want to see its rings.

Reports say Saturn will shine bright tonight as it reaches 'opposition.' According to NASA, that means Saturn and the sun will be on opposite sides of the earth. It also means that Saturn will be at its closest point to earth in 2019.

So what are your chances of seeing it tonight?

Here in the Flint area, we're expecting clear skies tonight, so you very well may be able to get a glimpse of the planet. Experts say right around sunset is probably your best opportunity.

Sky conditions will be favorable for people who live in the interior West, southern Plains, and Northeast. Folks on the West Coast and in the Southeast may have an obstructed view because of clouds and the possibility of rain.

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