Santa made a special trip to Hurley Children's Hospital Monday night with the help of area first responders.

The Santa parade was organized by first responders from all around the area, along with Hurley Children's Hospital. Normally this would be the time of year when Hurley would host their Glow For Miracles event. Due to the Covid restrictions, the Glow For Miracles night had to be cancelled, but if I know one thing, it's that Hurley never gives up on the kids.

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Last year there were hundreds of people gathered outside of the Hurley Children's Hospital wing. Everyone had some sort of glow stick, flashlight, or light up toy. We were joined by more than a dozen first responders with their lights on, so the entire area was definitely glowing. Everyone in the crowd sang Christmas carols and waved lights for the kids sitting in the hospital windows to see.

It's almost impossible to recreate that under our pandemic circumstances, but as you can see from the video above, they definitely gave it a try. The fire trucks, police cars, and other first responder vehicles lined up reindeer outside of Hurley. They were followed by the star of the show, as Santa rode in the back of one of the last trucks.

This was an amazing effort by everyone involved, and I hope it helped to lift the spirits of the kids at Hurley. Hurley is celebrating 30 years of being a Children's Miracle Network hospital, and we are all extremely lucky to have them right here in our community.

Check out the video of last year's Glow For Miracles event below. After you watch it, I want you to make a promise that you'll be outside of Hurley Children's Hospital for the 2021 edition of Glow For Miracles.


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