And if you can't make it to buy lemonade, you can always donate through GoFundMe.

12-year-old Saginaw resident Samantha Stricker is an entrepreneur for a good cause - next month, she's holding her fourth annual lemonade stand to benefit the local VA hospital.

She started it when she was nine, and initially had intended on keeping the money for herself. And then, her mom read a story online about a veteran who had not yet received all of his benefits. So, Samantha decided to start donating her proceeds to the VA in Saginaw. Her first year, she raised $150. Last year, she raised $1,500.

Her lemonade stand will take place on July 19th and 20th at the American Legion Post 439 on Weiss St. in Saginaw. And, if you can't make it out but would like to donate to her cause, click HERE.

This girl IS our future! Let's help her meet her goal!

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