The man also pooped his pants after officials refused to accept his payment method. 

Anthony Sevy got a parking ticket in Royal Oak for $10. He came in to pay it and found out that there's a $1.75 surcharge for using a card. Frustrated, he left, went to the bank and got $10 in rolls of pennies to pay the fine.

Needless to say, the clerk wasn't amused and refused payment. In the surveillance video, you can see the man arguing with officers as they asked him to leave.

They escort Sevy out, and it doesn't appear that he fights them on it. However, they proceed to choke him and take him down to the ground, where claims he passed out and defecated on himself.

He and his lawyer now plan to sue the Royal Oak Polie Department. Sevy, on the other hand, is being charged with assault and obstructing an officer.

I'm confused - pennies are still currency, yes? And $10 in penny rolls is only 20 rolls. Why didn't they accept it? And why did they choke him, when it appears that he was walking out cooperatively?

I'll tell you one thing - it's gonna cost the Royal Oak PD more than $10 in pennies to settle all of this.

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