The meal that I'm about to tell you about actually happened. Nothing fake or made up about it.

I will begin by saying 20 years ago not everything was open on Thanksgiving day. Anne (my wife) and I found out the hard way. Thanksgiving eve is and has always been a big party night. Anne and I liked to go out on Thanksgiving eve with friends and tear it up a little. Thanksgiving eve 1994 was no exception. We went out had a great time stayed out too late as always etc,etc.

Not a big thing until we woke up Thanksgiving day and then and only then did we have a Thanksgiving dinner conversation. Not a problem, there is always something open... right? Wrong. We drove around for an hour looking for a grocery store that was open. No luck.

Here's where the pictures below come into play. Our grocery store turned out to be the Shell gas station. We bought the items pictured below. Was it the worst Thanksgiving dinner we both had ever had... yes. But, it was also one of the most memorable. Happy Thanksgiving. I took some photos below just to help you get a real feel for the meal.