I'm stuck for a great idea as to what to get Rod for Christmas. I need something unique and exotic. Something that appeals to his intellectual sensibilities.

I think a Chia Pet is the way to go, but I need YOUR help to select the right one!

Don't start....Chia Pets are not lame gifts! They are iconic, and it's no accident that you all but trip over their displays in every Walmart across the country this time of the year.

Did you know that the first Chia Pet, Chia Guy was sold back in 1977? It's estimated that 500,000 are sold annually, only around the holidays, and at an average price of $16 each, that's roughly $8 million in sales each year.

I think that Rod is worth every bit of $16...my only dilemma is which one to choose. I've narrowed down my favorites. You all know Rod pretty well. Will you please take just a minute to tell me which Chia Pet to wrap up and give to my morning show partner for Christmas?

Nothing says culture quite like a Duck Dynasty themed Chia Pet! Uncle Si perhaps?

Photo by Amazon

I'm always telling Rod that he should run for president. Maybe he would like this Chia Barack Obama.

photo by Amazon

For some reason, the Chia Donkey appeals to me. Is it because Rod can be an ass sometimes?

photo by Amazon

Rod spends a lot of free time watching the History Channel. Maybe the Chia George Washington is a good choice.

photo by Amazon

Those are my top four. Tell me in the poll below which one would make the perfect gift for Rod.