Mekayla Diehl, Miss Indiana, didn't even crack the top 20 in last weekend's Miss USA pageant but she is a winner, nonetheless.

See why...

When Miss Indiana took to the runway in her tiny white bikini and stilettos, the first thing the audience saw was her curvy figure, a standout from the other very slender contestants in the recent Miss USA pageant. The second thing people in attendance and at home took note of was her confidence.

Social media has gone nuts, with over 10,000 Tweets since Saturday, all praising her positive body image.

On Twitter, on person wrote "Dear Miss Indiana, thank you for looking like an average woman." Another said "Finally, a contestant that's not a bag of bones."

Kekayla Diehl's "normal" figure is a product of a healthy lifestyle. "I didn't starve myself or go to crazy extremes to get ready for the pagaent," she told ABC's Good Morning America.

I want to note that Miss Indiana, at 5 feet 8 inches tall and a size 4, is still slender, but not starving and supermodel skinny.

She is very surprised by people's reactions, but says "It warms my heart that my 30 seconds on stage has touched so many girl's lives and even boys, as well." She is also proud to have her curvy figure called "womanly."

Find more details and video of how she rocked her "normal" figure in that tiny white bikini in the video below.

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