Today's father changes diapers, but there aren't many public places that allow for that...yet.

In a recent survey of 1,000 dads, 54% said they frequently change diapers, up from just 37% in their father's generation. The problem that frustrates modern dads is that there aren't many public places that allow them to do so privately and comfortably.

Think about it...every ladies restroom has at least one baby changing station. I'll have to take the father's word on the fact that men's restrooms do not have that convenience. Look at what poor Michael Keaton went through as a stay at home dad in the movie, "Mr. Mom."

Today's more hands on dads have gotten the attention of lawmakers in several states, who are considering new legislation that would make it mandatory to provide diaper changing stations in all public male bathrooms as well as ladies' restrooms.

Share your comments below. Should men have the convenience of a changing station in their bathrooms as well?

More details in the video below.

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