You guys, I totally geeked out this past weekend at Fantasticon 2016 at the Birch Run Expo Center.

If you are not familiar with these types of events, it's basically a big expo totally devoted to comic books, sci-fi movies, and everything associated with it. You could say, that it was right up my alley and you would be correct. I have been to these types of events before, including MotorCity Comicon, which I would consider the biggest one in the area. I always have fun and buy all kinds of things, and with Fantasticon 2016, the event did not disappoint.

When stepping into the Birch Run Expo Center, you could tell the event was going to be a smaller one. That was totally fine by me. I happen to like the intimate nature of this show. You have time to truly look at everything there is to offer, talk to other fans and guests. I ended up briefly talking to comic book artists and vendors about what they were passionate about in between wanting to buy all of the things. There were great opportunities to scoop up original art, tons of comic books, and of coarse action figures and collectibles.

In my opinion, Fantasticon 2016 was a wonderful opportunity to get your 'geek on' and snap up collectibles. Now the question is, do I open them or no?