...and they need volunteers to help out with the show.

Wanna be part of a reality show? Restaurant: Impossible is coming to Grand Rapids to makeover a local restaurant, and they need people to help.

Judging by the picture, The Chez Olga needs a little TLC.

The show is looking for skilled contractors, electricians, plumbers, upholsters’ and painters to help revamp the restaurant. They're also looking for "enthusiastic individuals" of ALL skill sets. Meals will be provided. You must be 18-years-old and sign a waiver when you arrive. No logos on clothing or work boots. Here's the call sheet:

Shift #1: Sunday, May 19th: 12:00 noon-7 p.m.

Shift #2: Sunday, May 19th: 7 p.m.-2 a.m.

Shift #3 : Monday, May 20th: 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

It's specified that you MAY be working more than one shift, so make sure you've got time open. If manual labor isn't your jam, you can always volunteer to dine at the restaurant during their grand re-opening on May 20th.

I was surprised to find out that the show does NOT pay for your meal, but whatever. If you wanna be on TV, you wanna be on TV. For all the contact information, click HERE. You must email the production staff by May 16th to be involved.

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