The death of comedian and actor Bob Saget caught the world by surprise. We as fans mourn his loss and I cannot even begin to imagine how his family and close are doing after his sudden passing.

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Fellow actor and comedian Gilbert Gottfried was a longtime friend of Bob Saget. He was asked by the New York Post, how he thought Saget would want in regards to a celebration of life, Gottfried said nothing too serious. He went on to say,

'I think he would want it not too sensitive. I think he would have wanted stuff kept at a lighter level and maybe a little sick.'

Going on what I know about Bob Saget, I would tend to agree. Anyone who wore a horse costume in a 1984 Elias Brothers Big Boy commercial definitely has to have a sense of humor. Did I mention fellow actor, comedian, and friend Dave Coulier is also in the commercial with Bob Saget? Michigan fun fact, Dave Coulier is from Michigan. He was born in St. Clair Shores and graduated from Notre Dame High School in Harper Woods, Michigan.

According to the YouTube page Memory Museum, this particular Big Boy Dinner Buffet commercial was filmed three and a half years prior to the pair starring on the hugely popular sitcom 'Full House' on ABC.

I can't say one hundred percent that I remember this commercial, but some parts of it look familiar when I was watching it. Do you remember it? Check it out below.

RIP Bob Saget, think of him next time you are at Big Boy. I think he would get a laugh out of that. Especially if you wear a disguise.


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