The Detroit Red Wings haven't missed the Stanley Cup Playoffs since the 1989-1990 season, but in this strike-shortened season they are at-risk of being home for them this year. Last nights 3-2 shootout loss to the San Jose Sharks leaves them sitting in the 8th and final position with just eight games to play.The Red Wings hold the active record for all major sports by having reached the playoffs for 21 straight years, but now that record could be threatened.Last nights loss did allow the Red Wings to pick up one point (by going overtime), but there are five teams right behind the Red Wings in the standing that are withing five points of the Wings. Every game, every point matters now1 The Red Wings have suffered through some long and serious injuries this year, losing more than 5 players per game (on average) this year to injury. Some Players haven't been on the ice at all, like spark-

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plug Darren Helm. In these final eight games the Red Wings figure they must win at least five to make the playoffs. Last nights home lossmakes the challenge even bigger.