On Saturday, a little boy named George attended his first Detroit Red Wings game at Little Caesars Arena. And it was exactly what the Detroit crowd needed at the time.

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George's First Hockey Game

As the Detroit Red Wings faced off against the Vancouver Canucks, George was attending his first game, according to the sign held up behind him.

Here's a throwback:  Doesn't this little guy remind you of Mikey from the Life cereal commercials back in the day?

Cheers and Jeers

Nolan Bianchi shared the clip below on Twitter, noting that 'The People Love George.'

The fun was a much-needed distraction for those in attendance at Detroit's Little Caesars Arena, as the crowd waited for officials to decide whether or not Canucks defensemen Quinn Hughes was eligible to take a penalty shot.

The big board above the ice alternated between shots of the little hockey fan and a couple of Canucks fans who were in the crowd. The crowd shared some good-natured boos for the Canucks fans and then showed support each time young George appeared on the screen, cheering louder each time.

According to the Detroit News, George's big day was capped off after the game as dozens of Red Wings fans surrounded the little boy and his family in order to get pictures.

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