I have no idea why anyone would stay in a hotel when there are literally Airbnb rentals anywhere and everywhere. Especially if you are looking for a unique experience. From a potato shaped Airbnb, to this transformed shipping container Airbnb - you can truly enjoy a one of a kind vacation.

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You can ship your kids off to their grandparents and head to Benton Harbor to stay in an actual shipping container. As you will see in the photo gallery below, this is not a typical shipping container. This Airbnb has been completely transformed to provide you with comfort in a totally private setting, yet still close enough to town should you need anything.

The Shipping Container Pad is located on a secluded wooded area in Benton Harbor. The cozy container accomodates two guests and features one bedroom and one bath. Please note there is no running water, this is definitely a camping/glamping experience. There is a porta potty on the property, and according to one customer review - it is very clean. You can check out additional reviews here. From all accounts, people love this place.

Shipping Container Pad Airbnb
Shipping Container Pad Airbnb

As far as the rate goes, the Shipping Container Pad is affordable at only $135 per night. Additonal information is as follows,

  • Shipping Container Pad located in wooded space close to town. Large fire pit, propane grille, sitting area, prep area with counter top space (no appliances), fridge, mini-split (heat/air), water cooler (outside) for hand washing and comfy queen bed. Portable outhouse bathroom.
  • There is NO RUNNING WATER on property. Important to note that this is a camping/glamping experience ultimately.
  • The Container Pad is located on a large piece of property with a mix of residential and industrial around it. You may hear outside noise; train, neighbors mowing etc depending on day you visit.
  • Ther are lights in the trees surrounding the space making for a beautiful magical evening experience.
  • Awesome fire pit on property.

I think this place is awesome, a pure Michigan getaway. Check out the Shipping Container Pad below.

Transformed Shipping Container Michigan Airbnb

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