The facility would replace the Southmoor Golf Course on Dort Hwy in Burton.

Burton planning commission members got together on January 9th and voted 5-2 to allow Southmoor Golf Course to change a third of its grounds from general commercial to light industrial. One of Southmoor's owners, David Boji, says that they would like to use the grounds for a marijuana facility.

He says that the golf course has been losing money for years, and that the golden age of golf courses is "over."

The owners are working with CannaDevelopment company to add five 42,000 square-foot Class C grow houses that would store plants, the redevelopment of the clubhouse into a dispensary and provisioning center, and processing center and central chilled water plant. They want to do it with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Neighbors did not object to this - what do YOU think? This is right down the street from the radio ranch, so we think it would be a GREAT. ;)

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