About a week ago a letter went viral in which a ten year old girl, Sophia Bailey Klugh, thanked President Obama for agreeing that two men can love each other. She also revealed in the letter that she was bullied at school, and that kids thought it was "gross" that she had two dads that loved each other. Sophia's letter to the President and his touching reply are yours after the jump.

Sophia's fathers, Jonathon Bailey and Triton Klugh posted her letter on their Facebook page, and as you can imagine, the heartfelt letter went viral very quickly. She asks for the President's advice in dealing with the bullies at school and asks him to respond. You can read the complete letter here.

President Obama responded almost immediately. He told Sophia that she was very lucky to have two parents that cared deeply for her, and he urged her to treat others the way that she hoped to be treated. You can read a copy of his reply to ten year old Sophia here.

What did you think of Sophia's letter to the President? Did you think his response was appropriate?