Having a big, juicy burger sounds a lot more appealing than taking a strenuous walk to induce labor, right?

A burger joint in Minnesota is attracting pregnant women who 'just want to get it over with' with a burger they've dubbed the 'Labor Inducer.'

The idea was born ... Wait, poor choice of words. The idea was conceived ... Nope, that's even worse ... Kelsey Quarberg was testing burger recipes for her family's restaurant, The Suburban, which is just outside of Minneapolis. She was very pregnant at the time according to WCCO, and really enjoyed one of the samples -- so much so that she decided to eat a full burger.

That night, Quarberg went into labor.

Cindy Berset, who co-owns the restaurant with her two daughters, said the burger was then nicknamed the 'Labor Inducer.'

“I’ve heard that some spicy food might trigger it, and there is some spice [in the burger],” Berset said.

The burger is made from Angus beef topped with American cheese, a Cajun remoulade, Bavarian spicy mustard, peach caramelized onions, and honey cured bacon on a pretzel bun.

Whether it works or not, it sounds like a damn good burger.

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