Meteorologists around Michigan always have their work cut out for them. Our weather is unpredictable, and people blame you if something changes (not realizing it's a forecast). In serious situations, it's their familiar face that makes the unpredictability safer for us, too. After 40 years, Detroit's WDIV-TV 4 is saying goodbye to one of their most familiar faces.

Is WDIV Local 4 Meteorologist Paul Gross retiring?

  • Yes, it's true. Following a 40-year run he has decided it's time to move on to spend more time with his family and hobbies.

Did Meteorologist Paul Gross work at other Michigan TV stations?

  • According to his station biography, Gross started behind the scenes at WDIV in 1983 while also back-up & weekend meteorologist duties at Lansing's WJIM-TV (WLNS now) and WKBD-TV Detroit when they had the 10pm Newscast.

Channel 4 Detroit Meteorologist Paul Gross notable career milestones

  • Interviewed astronauts in space.
  • Covered a meteor exploding over Michigan and its resulting earthquake.
  • Made numerous weather & science-related documentaries.
  • Discovered in 1997 Michigan law did not require public schools to do tornado drills. He helped get the "Gross Weather Bill" signed into law. Now they're conducted once in the fall and in spring.
  • Has testified in numerous court trials as a meteorological expert.
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Detroit Meteorologist Paul Gross Life & Career

  • 40 years is a long time to be a familiar, public face on Channel 4, WDIV-TV, Detroit. Viewers & fans often 'experience life' with the person they see daily. From marrying his wife, Nancy, and the birth of their now adult sons to working through treatment for (and surviving) testicular cancer in the late 80s and helping Southeast Michigan residents navigate awful storms.

We thank Meteorologist Paul Gross for keeping us informed & safe and hope retirement means plenty of Sunny days ahead.

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