As throngs of people flock to places like Erie, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Ohio, and Indianapolis to be in the 'path of totality' for this Monday's Total Solar Eclipse, Michigan residents hoping to get a partial view of the event need to observe a few commonsense rules.

Viewing the Total Solar Eclipse in Michigan

While residents of many Michigan cities will get to see a phenomenon on April 8 that will block somewhere from 83% and 99% of the sun, there's only one city in Michigan where you can see the eclipse in its totality.

Keep reading below:  We've outlined exactly how much of the effect of the eclipse will be visible in each of 20 cities throughout the state.

Luna Pier, located in the southeast corner of Monroe County has a population of about 1,300 residents, but hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people are expected to flock to the city Monday afternoon. Luna Pier will experience the Total Solar Eclipse beginning at 3:13 pm, and it will only be fully visible for 34 seconds.

Police Have a Warning for Michigan Drivers

Police around the state are concerned that motorists may pay more attention to the eclipse than they do to the road.

First Lt. Mike Shaw with the Michigan State Police Department says police are expecting a few eclipse-related accidents this Monday.

Here Are Some Dos and Don'ts For This Monday's Solar Eclipse:

Police in Indiana have a few tips for motorists, which they shared with WANE-TV. 

  • Avoid travel during the height of the eclipse, if at all possible.
  • Don't park along the highway or park on the shoulder in order to view the eclipse. Exit the roadway and find a safe place to park.
  • Do not take photos while driving.
  • Do not wear eclipse glasses while driving.
  • Watch for pedestrians, especially on secondary roads.
  • If you must travel, turn on your headlights and don't rely on automatic headlights.

A Note For Pet Owners

The American Kennel Club tells ABC that it's a good idea to keep pets indoors during the eclipse and away from excitement. They also suggest drawing shades and turning on lights if pets are being left alone, in order to reduce stress due to the sudden changes in the environment that will be taking place.

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