Breathe, Pizza Mia lovers - they're not closed for good.

We saw a post come through on the NextDoor app that prompted us to do some digging. Apparently, Pizza Mia on Perry Road in Grand Blanc is closed...but why, and for how long?

screenshot via NextDoor app
screenshot via NextDoor app

The dine-in and carryout Italian restaurant, which is family owned and operated, had a small electrical fire in their kitchen last week and had to close for cleaning.

To our Valued Customers: we are saddened to report that the small fire yesterday, had more smoke damage than we thought. We will be closed until further notice. Our kitchen and dining rooms will need to be thoroughly cleaned, and unfortunately, this could take weeks. We promise to keep everyone updated on the progress and expected open date. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope to see you all soon! Jerry & Selina

Jerry Simoni and his wife Selina run the restaurant and pride themselves on using all fresh ingredients. They also use a hearthstone oven and not a conveyor oven for their pizzas. Their pasta is imported as well, and may I personally recommend their lasagna?

We drove past yesterday (we order from here on a pretty regular basis) and there were cleaning crews outside. They've been offering delivery since wayyyyyyy before the pandemic. We're glad that it was a small fire; however, even a small fire can do a lot of damage. Hoping that they can reopen soon!

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