Aw, this young couple who walked hand-in-hand to their seats just in front of us at Comerica Park Saturday melted my heart just a little. These Tigers fans declined to share their names, but told me they had been married the previous day, as indicated by their jerseys. It's encouraging to see that romance is still alive and well in the Motor City.

They just have to remember to walk on the correct side.

Just Married
G. McIntyre, WCRZ

But it was a little disheartening to see that Detroit's declaration of bankruptcy has taken its toll on even ballpark vendors. It seems that no one is safe from downsizing, as the Big League Grill is now the lowly 'League Grill'.

Perhaps they need to start charging more than $8 for beer?

Big League Grill
G. McIntyre, WCRZ

- George McIntyre
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