You know, you can party and have a good time...without being a complete tool. It's possible.

UPDATE: We have been contacted by a parent of one of the students down there and was told that they DO, in fact, go out every morning and clean up after themselves. We'll include a picture of that...if we can get one. As of now, we're still being told that workers clean up the beach.

A picture showing a littered Fort Lauderdale Beach has gone viral on Facebook with 6,000 shares. It shows the beach covered in plastic cups, destroyed coolers, beer cups, etc. The original poster, Anthony Andriopolus, said that the students making the mess were flying MSU and Penn State flags.

He was quick to point out that students from several schools were contributing to the mess, but needless to say, it's only "day 1 of 27."

The full post reads as follows: 

Day 1 of 27 Spring Break Days , this specific picture I took is of the area where people who were flying Michigan State University and Penn State banners left all their trash. Many other spring breaks from other areas were also trashing the beach. When these young kids come to party in large groups they tend to no longer care about our beaches. Of course, this picture does no justice to how badly the beach has been trashed. No respect as always.

So you guys can get an idea of what I am seeing all over the sand.
1: Hundreds of plastic straws
2. Styrofoam coolers (a lot were destroyed into little pieces by being stepped on and then blown all over the beach)
3: Plastic cups
4: Plastic Bottles
5: Beer cans
6: Tons and Tons of plastic bags most blown into the ocean.

The Fort Lauderdale Beach clean up crew do an amazing job trying to clean up the mess after the party is over but sadly a lot of those styrofoam pieces, plastic bags, and straws get swept away with high tide or blown into the ocean before they can be picked up.

Those asking “what were the police doing?” They were breaking up fights, stopping drunk/reckless drivers coming down A1A, stopping men from groping and harassing young women or trying to take passed out women off the beach. They kept these drunk kids from running through traffic to get across A1A. They definitely had their hands full ensuring the safety of all these drunk spring breakers. Thought I would add it so you can understand what the police were doing.

Discontinuing the use of plastic bags and styrofoam coolers from the beach as Miami has is a good start.

Hey, MSU students: your school doesn't need any more bad press. This isn't a good look. Clean your s*** up. 

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