A group Halloween and Costume Association has a petition to change the date of Halloween. The group wants to change Halloween from the 31st of October to the last Saturday of the month.

As of this writing, over 7,100 people have signed the petition to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October. I for one, hate floating holidays. Mostly because I can't get my life together enough to plan ahead if something isn't on the same date every year. Thanksgiving and Easter always sneak up on me. I also don't have little ones. I can without a doubt see the benefit of having the whole day on Saturday to celebrate Halloween with the kids and trick-or-treat in the afternoon.

The Halloween and Costume Association wants everyone to have a safer, longer, and stress-free celebration for Halloween, according to their website. Their website also says that 51% of Millenials say Halloween is their favorite holiday, so why cram it into two hours on a Tuesday night?

I watch my co-workers with small children rush out of here at 5 pm to run home, feed the kids, change their clothes, to rush out and trick-or-treat before its too late for a school night, and it does make sense to me to do that on a Saturday. Can't we just trick-or-treat on a Saturday though? Do we have to move the holiday officially?

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