It's a case of possible peanut-butter battery.  A Battle Creek woman wants police to charge her husband's former wife with assault.  The woman is highly allergic to peanuts, and the ex-wife put peanut butter on a bill that she mailed to her former husband, at the home he shares with his peanut-allergic wife.

According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, the woman told police she believes the former spouse sent the tainted letter in an attempt to cause her harm.  The sender, however, wrote on the outside of the envelope that the letter contained peanut butter, and claims that the incident was merely an attempt to keep her former husband's current wife from reading mail that was none of her business.

The peanut battle is on.  However, Calhoun County authorities have told the peanut-allergic recipient that they may not be able to charge the sender, without proof that she meant to cause harm.