Pat, AJ, and I traveled up to beautiful Traverse City last week for the Fall version of the Traverse City Vineyard Tour! The weather was beautiful, the wine was delicious, and the company was amazing.

We rode comfortably in a Blue Lakes Carter bus with our driver Mike from the Fenton Applebee's to Traverse City where we stopped at four wineries for tastings.

The views at Bonobo Winery were breathtaking, the wine was delicious, and they had a giant monkey for photo ops!

Aurora Cellars was the second stop on the tour and a new tasting location for our group. I highly recommend stopping there the next time you are in Traverse City!


Chateau De Leelanau is a favorite of mine. They not only have delicious wines but hard ciders! I buy a jug of cider every time I stop there!

Mari Vineyards was our final stop this time around. They have a nice patio and sitting area where you can enjoy the beautiful view. They also have underground tunnels where they age the wine, they wouldn't let me go down there no matter how many times I asked.

If you want to taste some wines, enjoy the beautiful Traverse City views, and watch me climb on various rocks, chairs, and whatever else I can find, come with us in June! Tickets will be available soon for the summer Traverse City Vineyard Tour!

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