If you're not ready, don't worry - it probably won't stick.

The first snowflakes of the season could fall in northern Michigan this weekend. Luckily, since it's still early, the ground is still warm and it's not likely that it will accumulate. Regardless, parts of up north could see the white stuff.

Lake Michigan is still relatively warm, with water temperatures in the 50s and low 60s this time of the year. Higher elevations up north, such as Marquette, Wolverine, Gaylord, and Mancelona, could see the most snow this weekend.

If you want to see all of the forecast maps for where snow could fall, click HERE. Luckily, down here, under the bridge, we won't see much of anything. Which is good, because I am 100% NOT READY.

According to the National Weather Service Detroit/Pontiac -- Southeast Michigan, the earliest recorded measurable snowfall here was on October 12th of 2006. "Measurable" means more than .1 inches.

The latest that we've seen measurable snowfall in Michigan was in 1936 when the state didn't see more than 1" of snow until late January. Those were the days, right? Just kidding, I wasn't around then.

I'll take it, and I'll tell you why - we lived in Wisconsin before this, and you have NOT SEEN WINTER until you've seen winter in Wisconsin. Snow drifts that come up to your shoulders, snow that sticks around til May, etc. It's no joke. We get snow here in Michigan, but you couldn't pay me to go back to the cheese state in the winter months.

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