The parents of three young girls who vandalized a Burton fire station are taking responsibility for the girls' actions and have agreed to pay for damages.

PLEASE NOTE:  In our original story that appeared here on Tuesday (6/29), we featured pictures of the girls which had been captured by surveillance video. After speaking with one of the parents, we voluntarily agreed to remove the girls' pictures in order to protect their identity.

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What Damage Did the Girls Cause?

In the video below, Burton Fire Chief Kirk Wilkinson explained that the three girls, all under the age of 10, sneaked out in the middle of the night and gained access to the fire station through a door that had been left unlocked by a firefighter. The girls used coffee grounds, hand sanitizer, pop, hand lotion, creamer, and sugar to make a large mess in the department's day room.

Wilkinson notes that the girls did a lot of damage to several upholstered chairs which will require extensive professional cleaning. Liquid damage to the station's conference table may or may not be able to be repaired. The girls also left messages on a dry erase board, expressing their dislike for firefighters.

"They referred to the personnel that work here as 'stupid' and used the word 'poop' quite a bit, and basically made it clear they did not like us," Wilkinson said at a news conference. "The words that they wrote on the dry-erase board were not necesarily true feelings, I think they might have just been being goofy."

Wilkinson noted that the three girls are not related to any firefighters or employees of the city of Burton. Two of the girls are sisters, the third is a cousin and all live in the Lapeer Heights subdivision near the fire station at Lapeer and Belsay Rd. in Burton.

How Were the Girls Identified?

Chief Wilkinson says that after the girls' pictures were posted on local social media pages, one of the fathers recognized his daughter. He and the other father took the girls to the fire station to take responsibility for their actions. He says the girls' pictures were then taken down from social media pages.

Parents Agree to Pay for Damages

Although the exact amount of the damages has not yet been determined, Wilkinson says the girls' parents have agreed to reimburse the city of Burton for all the damages the girl caused.


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