Unfortunately, criminals appear to be getting younger and younger.

Authorities in Burton are searching for three young kids who were caught on video surveillance equipment after trashing the inside of a Burton Fire Department building. The fire department posted the pictures on its Facebook page, saying the damage had occurred at Burton Fire Department number two, which is located near Lapeer Rd. and Belsay Rd. in Burton.

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Investigators estimate that the vandalism probably occurred right around 4:15 this morning.

From the pictures you'll see below, the young girls in question appear to be somewhere in the neighborhood of about 11 or 12 years old.

If you have any information about the vandalism or who may be responsible, you're asked to contact the Burton Fire Department or the Burton police.

If you pore through the comments section of the Facebook post below, you'll note that a lot of people have been quick to pounce on the girls' parents for letting them be out and up to no good during the wee hours of the morning.

While it is true that parents are ultimately responsible for the actions of their minor children, it is also a reality that sometimes kids do things that are beyond their parents' control.

Some commenters emphasize that point:

"I'm sure your kids did things you had no idea about. Even good kids do stupid things and even good parents can't watch their children 24/7."

Another person noted that it's important to keep perspective:

"Yes, hold them accountable, by the book. These are kids who made a mess, they didn’t burn the place down.."



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