Not a princess party, not a unicorn party...a poop party. And we love it. 

Rebecca is actually a friend of a one my "hens" - she's in her online "mom" group. And when she sent us this article, I had to share it.

Her daughter Audrey had been requesting a unique birthday party for a few months - she wanted a POOP party. Of course, Rebecca tried to convince her of something different. But, after several unsuccessful attempts, she and her husband decided to "embrace the weird" and go for it.

via Rebecca Marose
via Rebecca M

Rebecca said that she expected family and friends to question it, but they didn't - everybody, right down to Audrey's grandparents, loved it.

My question is - can I have a poop party when I turn 35 in September? Is that acceptable? Or should I just "embrace the weird" and go for it? ;)

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