How dedicated are you to your job? Sarah Ray, Paramedic with Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services, was...

Posted by Montgomery County, Tennessee on Friday, October 9, 2015

When Sarah Ray's grandmother got into a car accident on the way to her wedding reception, she went into full paramedic mode.

But she doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

"I just hate that everyone uses the word 'hero.' It's not heroic. That's just what we do every day, and it was family. I believe any other first responder would do the same thing. It just happened that I was in a wedding dress."

Her parents and grandparents had stayed after the ceremony to help her get her belongings together, and they all left for the reception in separate cars. The accident happened about a mile or two from the church. When she saw her father and grandfather walking around, she knew that everything was okay. Her grandmother was in the ambulance, being treated for some bruises from the airbags.

The first thing her grandmother did was apologize for "ruining" her day.

Her mother took the photo of her that went viral.

Obviously, this was family, and she had a personal reason for helping. But I'm not gonna lie; I don't know a lot of brides who would've stopped if it wasn't family. Very cool story, with a happy ending. Glad everybody is okay!

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