There are a few gadgets that can thwart would-be package thieves from stealing that Amazon package of your front porch. (Check them out here.) But this is a little different.

After having packages stolen from his own porch, engineer Mark Rober decided to create a package that would cover porch-package bandits with glitter and fart spray. Yup, you read that right:  Glitter and fart spray.

Mark Rober is notorious for over-engineering things (way over the top, over-engineering things) on his YouTube channel. So he created a package to entice thieves, including four phones for capturing the criminals' reactions, and mechanisms that would disburse fine glitter and spray the offending odor from a can.

He thought of everything. An accelerometer triggers a GPS tracker within the package to detect if it has moved outside a perimeter determined by a geofence. Once the gizmo determines that it has indeed been stolen, the phones begin recording and uploading the footage to the cloud.

It took Rober six months of engineering and testing to create this engineering marvel, but the results are so satisfying.



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