One of the easiest things you can do to prevent would-be package thieves from stealing stuff from your porch is to have your online purchases shipped to your place of employment. But if that's not possible, there are some gadgets out there that can alert you when someone approaches your home or attempts to nab a package after it's delivered.

In the video below from Detroit's WXYZ, you'll see the Ring doorbell in action. The device is about $200 and can record video when motion is detected near your home. It also allows you to communicate with someone at your door even if you're not home.

Package Guard is a relatively new item that can alert you when a package arrives at your home, and sound an alarm if an item is removed by someone who's not authorized to do so. The WiFi device runs about $90 and sends real-time alerts when packages are delivered. You create a circle of family members or neighbors who are allowed to intercept deliveries.


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