Oprah has interviewed some very impressive people during the time she was on TV, but she still wants to talk to a few more people. She recently revealed two people who she still would like to have on her show and they are O.J. Simpson and Susan Smith, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Oprah says she dreams of O.J. confessing to her when he's ready. For those of you who don't remember Susan Smith, she's the woman who killed her two children in 1995. In the past, both have turned down the opportunities to sit down with Oprah, but she's not giving up.

The OWN network will start airing an interview-only show next year and Oprah hopes to have the two come on her show. She's convinced they'll come on if it's in a more private setting.

Having O.J. on would definitely bring up the ratings since her new network is struggling right now. I would tune in to that episode for sure if he agreed to do an interview.