All that's Hollywood and's The Dish for Wednesday, March 10, 2021. Here's the latest.

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With an architect father like Mike Brady, Peter was bound to do something creative. Seems that's exactly what actor Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady on the popular 70's Brady Bunch has done. The patio chairs used in the big Oprah interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are actually from a collection designed by Knight. The chair from the Christopher Knight Home Burchett collection sell for around $554 a pair and have sold out on sites like Amazon, Target, and Overstock thanks to the big interview.

Piers has left the building. For real. Piers Morgan, the English broadcaster, journalist, and former host of America's Got Talent, walked off the set of his show Good Morning Britain yesterday after he was called out by a co-host for his criticism of Meghan Markle. It looks like it's a forever thing too. Read all about it here.

When you've got it, you've got it, and apparently one university is banking on the new daughter of NFL quarterback Patrick Maholmes has "it". Just days after her birth on February 20th, Sterling Skye Maholmes received a national letter intent for a soccer scholarship from Texas Tech. The university is where Mahomes played college football. Mom Brittany Matthews is also quite the athlete having  played college soccer at the  University of Texas at Tyler, and went on to play soccer professionally with UMF Afturelding/Fram in Iceland in May 2017. She is now the part owner of Kansas City's new women's soccer team.

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