"It's really restored my faith in the American people that people are hungry for decency."

This was incredibly refreshing to see, and I hope that you feel the same way.

I worked in Salt Lake City, Utah for two years; moved there from South Bend, Indiana for a radio job, and I had no idea what to expect. Three of the most prominent things I took away from my experience: they're the inventors of super-complex liquor laws, not everybody is a member of the Mormon church, and "Utah-nice" is a real thing.

So, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't surprised to see that this story came from the beehive state.

Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox, who is a member of the Republican party and Chris Peterson, a Democrat, are running against each other in the gubernatorial race. And, instead of attacking each other, they've released a joint ad, calling for civility.

Really loving the #standunited hashtag. Like many, I'm so sick of us being divided and fighting with each other. And it doesn't surprise me AT ALL that this kind of civility and togetherness happened in Utah - people out there are the core of kindness and this is an excellent example.
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