I'm the first one to crack a joke about the cleaning fairy when I come home to a dirty house. Imagine my surprise when I found out that there actually is one! Catch the story after the jump.


Her name is Susan Warren. She is 53, and she lives in Elyria, Ohio. Susan, dubbed the 'cleaning fairy' burglar by local police, broke into a home while the owner was upstairs sleeping, and cleaned the downstairs. She left behind a note with her name, home address, and asked for $75 for her services. Police say that she has broken in to other homes in the area, cleaning, and leaving behind a bill for $75. None of the homeowners had hired  a cleaning lady. Police hope to charge Susan Warren with burglary, even though nothing was taken from the homes.

I wonder if she would make house calls this far north? I could sure use a cleaning fairy!