Patrick Hickey has relinquished his seat on the Washing Local Board of Education in Ohio, after being accused of having sex with a student while he was a teacher in a Michigan school district.

The charges stem from a 2016 Michigan State Police report in which a woman alleges that she had sex with Hickey when she was 14. Hickey was her coach and teacher at Addison Community Schools, south of Jackson.

In a written statement, Mr. Hickey says the charges are false. He's charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree. His lawyer made the announcement of his resignation during a news conference (video from the Toledo Blade below) Tuesday morning.

Hickey was formerly the superintendent of the Washing Local School District but resigned in 2015 before the board could consider a resolution to fire him because of 37 charges compiled by a board-hired law firm. The board discovered that he had failed to disclose that he'd left the Addison school system in Michigan after accusations that he'd had inappropriate relations with students.

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