If you think driving in traffic stinks, you may not be able to stomach this one. Detroit-area motorists were backing up this morning when a truck hauling raw sewage began spewing it's cargo on the interstate.

It all started in the Motor City suburb of Allen Park just after 8:30am today (Saturday) when a Stansley Industries truck was hauling non-hazardous waste from Detroit's water treatment plant. It may have been non-hazardous, but that doesn't mean non-rancid, non-disgusting or non-poopy.

The truck literally took a dump along a 15 yard stretch of westbound I-94, leaving all travel lanes covered in poo. Motorists lost control of their vehicles making skid marks in... uh, skid marks, including one driver who was constipated stuck in a ditch.

No one was hurt in this crappy incident, butt the driver was issued several violations. All lanes reopened just after 2:00pm this afternoon, and traffic is regular, passing at normal intervals. No word on if the horrendous smell is gone.