Some good news from my hometown this morning.

Kevin Zimmerman is an officer with the Milwaukee Police Department. He was making a routine traffic stop for a vehicle that didn't have the proper registration.

When he approached the car, he saw that the driver was a mom with three small kids in the backseat...with no car seats. Zimmerman asked Andrella Jackson why the kids weren't properly restrained.

She had just purchased the car at auction, which was enough of a financial commitment. She also had to get coats and boots for the kids, so car seats were not in the budget.

Zimmerman, who is also a father, decided to skip the citation and instead went to a local Walmart to buy car seats for the kids. He called Andrella to get the weights of the kids to assure that he bought the right ones.

"He's awesome. I really love him. I really appreciate everything he did for me."

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