The chances were literally slim to none, but a miracle happened.

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It was a typical day out on the water with friends last weekend for local couple Tony and Theresa. Hanging out on Lake Fenton the couple, and their friends, were enjoying time at the infamous "point" when Theresa had the unthinkable happen,

"I was hitting a volleyball around with kids whose parents are good friends of ours .and the ball hit my hand. It must have hit it just right because I realized right away my ring was gone"

The couple, married 28 years, and their friends immediately started looking for the ring. With so many boats and people in the water at the time the search seemed hopeless. As many know, most of what is lost in Lake Fenton, stays lost in Lake Fenton.

"I was sick about it-my husband had it made for me as a gift for out 20th anniversary. We couldn't find it anywhere"

A friend of the couple decided to call in some extra help and reached out to Sergeant Tim McGuckin of the Lapeer County Sheriff's Department. McGuckin also happens to be a member of the dive team for Lapeer County and was more than willing to help.

They next morning, when the lake was empty and calm, the couple along with McGuckin who was off duty, took to looking. By this time Theresa was skeptical she would ever see her ring again. The search would be basically like looking for needle in a haystack....but then it happened.

After just 15 minutes, using snorkel equipment and an underwater metal detector, McGuckin came to the surface holding the ring.

"My husband was in shock, I just cried and Tim was amazing", Theresa told us. "The woman who owned the property was so nice about letting us look, and we were so lucky to have Tim helping us and he was great about it."

McGuckin, who seems more than humble about coming to the rescue, commented he was happy he could help, and glad Theresa had her ring back.

Well done Sgt. McGuckin on helping make an amazing happy ending, and here's to many more years of wedded bliss for Theresa and Tony!

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