Watching this video will give you an insight as to what jail is like. Also, what it's like to be a nurse who works there.

Surveillance cameras at the Saginaw County Jail catch an inmate attacking a nurse. It happened last Sunday.That nurse is still recovering. I would imagine the trauma would be a bit much.

The bank robbery suspect who is awaiting trial appeared to be having a seizure when a nurse and a corrections officer went to check on him. The inmate feigned illness by laying on the floor and shaking which required the nurse to go in and check on his status.

The nurse who works for Corizon Health Services, the company that has a contract with the county to handle medical care inside the jail, and a deputy went inside the cell to check on the 45 year old inmate.   The nurse believed the man was okay, and started to leave the cell. That's when the inmate attacked. The 45 year old inmate is expected to face additional assault charges soon. Watch the incident in the video below.
ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI